Virtual switch conversion help

I don’t mind putting the time in JD to do the swap but there is another unknown to add into the equation

IF I do the painful swap it is going to be a long and involved job

BUT if we had the shortcut to our automations per device like ST classic used to have the whole conversion could be done in no time at all

Multiple conundrums which could be resolved IF we knew what is ahead of us… aaarrrggghhh

Virtual switches can be created in the SmartThings App already without having to use the IDE. Navigate to the SmartApps tab -> upper right (hamburger) menu -> SmartThings Labs and there is a virtual switch option in there.

Nothing is happening to the IDE soon (and we will give plenty of heads up when it does). Existing virtual switches should not be impacted by any changes.


Unfortunately Blake some of us don’t get the labs (sad face)

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Does that smartthings lab option give the ability to create a virtual switch that will be recognized as a sensor for the purpose of Alexa routines?

I don’t have labs, is it available on iOS?

I think its region locked JD that’s why I don’t see it either… I think

I am in the US.

I’m out of ideas then

I don’t use Alexa so I can’t check that part of it. However, I just created a test virtual switch using this method and then checked the IDE and the type is listed as “Virtual Switch”.

I just create a virtual switch using smart labs. It shows up in Alexa but you can not use it to trigger a routine.

Well, I don’t have smart labs, and what I need is a virtual device to trigger an Alexa routine, so…

I still don’t know what’s going to happen once the IDE goes away. :thinking:

Simulated Alexa switches work. There is A Smart app Alexa virtual device creator to make them.

In order to trigger an Alexa routine, you need a virtual sensor. It’s OK if that device is both a virtual switch and a virtual sensor, which is the DTH that most people use.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

And here’s the code:

[Release] Virtual Alexa Switch/Button

The Alexa virtual device creator, though, as far as I know it doesn’t create one of those.

Yes it does. I using 2 of them.
The tile has a pair of contacts and a push button.

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Cool, thanks. But that’s a custom groovy smartapp, right? Not an official feature?

Yes it is a custom app

I just tried to use it and I get an error message. But I was able to create one in the IDE.

Yes, thanks, we know one can be created through the IDE. The open question is what is the plan for virtual Switches once the IDE is no longer available, which is part of the long-term roadmap for the conversion to the new architecture. It’s not going to happen immediately, but it may well happen this year. But it may be that they haven’t decided yet, they haven’t fully completed plans for Zigbee and Z wave devices yet.

See the following official announcement:

I fixed my problem with Alexa virtual device creator app. Yesterday when I was cleaning up the IDE I deleted the necessary device handlers that went with it.
I reinstalled the needed DHS and did some testing. NONE of the switches created work.
So the only way I see you can create a functional simulated Alexa switch is on the IDE.
Sorry for any confusion I created.

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I know it’s been 2 months now but if you’re still looking for it I was confused by not being able to find Smart Labs as well. It’s not a SmartApp. It’s an option under the SmartApps menu. You can’t add it by clicking on the plus button. You have to click on the menu button next to the plus button and you’ll find it there.