Virtual/Seperate Switch for Monoprice Dual Relay

Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!
I am very new to Smartthings, and installed multiple monoprice Dual Relay ON/OFF Switch.
But in most cases like smartTiles, or Routines / Smart Home Monitors, I cannot have access to the 2nd Switch (of the DUAL Relay)
I been doing alot of research here in the forum, but cannot really find a solid answer or get anything to work.
I tried the simulated Switch, the Big Switch SmartApp, I cannot get them connect to the Dual Relay individual physical switch.
I also read alot regarding the virtual tiles, but I have no idea what it is, and how to set it up.

Can anyone point me to a direction, I am a newbie to this, so I will need more details step by step.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much & Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s a post about that dual relay. I believe the smartapps is near the bottom of the post.

Thank you Navat604.
I read through this post couple times, and will there be other place I can obtain step by step details?

I am my phone so it’s a little hard to search for the step for virtual switch but I think @JDRoberts has a really nice write up FAQ on virtual switch. I will post the steps when I get a chance on my laptop unless someone here can point you to the right direction first.

@mattjfrank wrote the FAQ on creating virtual switches after I asked the question. :sunglasses: Here’s that link:

FAQ: Creating a virtual Device

I’m not sure which device type and smartapp that you grabbed, but @justintime made an adaptation of Philio Dual Relay device type that should work extremely well. It supports “instant” status updates when the switches are physically flipped.

Here is the SmartApp that @Navat604 mentioned. The original SmartApp did a type of polling every 30 or so seconds which wasn’t necessary with the device type above so I created a version that doesn’t poll.

So, if you use the instructions referenced by @JDRoberts to create two virtual ON/OFF Button Tiles and then use the referenced SmartApp to associate the two virtual switches with the Monoprice Switch 1 and 2, you should be able to accomplish what you are trying.

@gilee_8 The README file with my custom device type will explain things, step by step, including setting up the virtual switches:

It’s been working flawlessly for me since I wrote it, let me know how you make out with it.

Thank you so much Justintime!
It works flawlessly! Greatly Appreciated!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you so much Eric Maycock! Your info plus the link from Justintime, really clear and step by step!
Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving!

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Glad I could help. :wink: