Create alias to dual-relay switch?

I followed these directions to get my monoprice dual-relay switch working. When I click the Zwave Device from My Home I am presented with two switches that I can toggle each relay with. works.

How can I create buttons so that I can toggle the sub-switches right from My Home?

What I really want, in addition to that, is for Alexa to be able to control each switch. I think (for no particular reason) the first step may be to get them each working under My Home.

You will need virtual switches and sync them to the dual Relay switches. Here is a link to that post.

Thanks for your reply. I’m brand new here and am hoping for a little more hand holding.

I created the Device Handler by using the github code. I see that “Simulated Switch” is available in the dropdown when creating my own new device. But I really have no idea what i’m doing.

Am i supposed to create a new device with type “simulated switch”? if so, what is the “device network id” supposed to be? And then what do I do with that device?

Sorry, very confused here.

oh, i see it in Smart Apps. I was thinking this was much lower level. checking it out now!

EDIT: that was easy. Thanks for your help…