Virtual Open Close contact

Hi Guys.

I have many ST Multi sensors. I have created a Virtual Open / Close sensor.

How can i have the virtual sensor reflect the status of the real sensor?

Thanks in advance.

Installed webCoRE and create the rule there.

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Ok. Thanks thought there might have been something a little easier. I need to check this webcore out as i keep hearing the drum being beaten.

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It’s so good that the creator was hired by SmartThings!

webcore is amazing, but it is definitely a huge jump from simply configuring a smartthings app. If you’re comfortable with programming you’ll be fine.

Thanks all.

I play with Powershell so its not massively alien to me. However until i get to grips with it then i feel kind of stuck on prob the most basic of tasks.

Thanks being said. I have created a Piston that will send a push message if the ST sensor is open or closed. WOW fantastic and really amazed at how well that works.

However is there any code that i can use to update the virtual sensor? I dont see that open in the drop downs.

Thanks in advance

Webcore has their own forum and most of the experts hang out there. You will find lots of examples, tutorials, and get the quickest answer to your Webcore questions if you ask there. :sunglasses:

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