Virtual dimmers/micro dimmer

  1. Where i can I find virtual dimmers i added to the device types? Call me an idiot but it doesn’t show up in the mobile app. Tried shutting down the app and restarting.

  2. Living in the Netherlands and using a US hub I’m having trouble finding a micro dimmer. I prefer Zigbee since it’s the same protocol in Europe, but US Z-Wave will do aswell as long as it likes 230v. :smile:

Hope you guys can help me out, since I’m starting to love my hub. :smile:

Hmm not sure, but I think this one will… It supports 220V…

You might verify with someone before ordering though.

Creating a device type doesn’t create a device. For a virtual device, you still need to create the actual device, in My Devices in the IDE. When you fill in the form, select the device type from the pull-down menu, give it any network address you want that’s not in use, hit Create. Then, it will show up in your mobile app.

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Awesome! Thanks guys! I’m kinda new to this but things are starting to make sense. :smile:

I have sent an email to Aeotec. I’m not sure if the specs are for one model that has 110-230v 50/60Hz or multiple varations. I’ll keep you posted!

Instructions for a virtual dimmer are here:

Thnx MichaelS, i figured it out!

Hi, Id like to set up a virtual dimmer that just controls the level and not the state, as in, the dimmer can brighten and dim but it cant turn on and off.
Is this possible?

PM me and if you feel comfortable I can give you the lines you would need to modify to get this to work…If you are using a program like WebCore to control things; however, this would not be necessary as you would simply not tie the state to any function. And the virtual switch I have (Alexa Switch) is stateless, so it worked either in the on or off position, allowing the dimmer function to be separate from the state.