Virtual dimmer possible? (And reliable)

(Tony Romano) #1

I moved into a new house and found out my living room has a standard light switch with hot/neutral/ground but no load hooked to it. I would like to hook up a plug in dimmer to run a lamp and be controlled from those available wires. Would an aux switch (add on) switch from the GE 3 way kit work? Would a regular zwave dimmer work with a smart app? What kind of delay am would I have? Any suggestions?

(Im Brian) #2

My understanding of the aux switches are “dumb” - and only relay their control to the master switch via the traveler wire (typically red). From what I understand (which could be wrong) is that the secondary dumb switch is incapable of working in any capacity without the master switch.

A z-wave dimmer will work with your smart app, yes. For the slider control itself, it’s still a bit rough around the edges on Android, but progress is being made quickly. iOS, from what I understand, is polished decently.

I don’t experience any noticeable delay in my dimmer switch controlling the hard-wired light. I use my switch to also turn on bedside lamps and there is about a one second delay in turning them on - and turning them off requires an unexpected additional click on the dimmer switch - but both those are only relevant to you if you intend to use the dimmer to control another outlet.

If you have line, neutral and ground, you should be fine wiring up a dimmer switch and is likely your best option.