GE 12723 (Aux) switch functionality

Can anyone tell me how the new GE switches work? I’m planning to use 12724 (In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch (Rocker) (LED Capable)) along with 12723 (In-Wall Add-On Aux Switch (Rocker) 3-Way for 12722/724) for some 3, 4 & 5 way set ups. Can someone dim from the physical 12723 (Aux) Switch? Or is it simply an on/off addition to the 12724 dimmer?

You can dim from the aux switch.

Wonderful! Thank you!

You can perform any of the functions that the master switch can. Be aware that it sends the commands to the master over the traveler and does not have any z-wave capabilities itself.

Does this result in any delay?

Not that I can tell, but I’m not using an aux switch to trigger an action. Since the aux switch sends the command to the master without wave there is no communication for the hub to capture to take a separate action. The hub can only take that action when the master is polled unless the switches have instant status which the GE switches do not.

For example, say I want the kitchen lights to come on every time I turn on the dining lights and set up a trigger based on that. If I use the master a z-wave command is sent that the dining lights are being turned on and the hub catches it and sends the command that causes the subsequent kitchen lights action to take place. If I use the aux switch it tells the master to turn on the dining lights without a z-wave command. It isn’t until the dining lights switch is polled by the hub that it recognizes that the dining lights came on and then the kitchen lights command occurs. This happens very quickly, but may be noticeable to the user.

At least this is the way I understand it. I haven’t actually used any of this but learned about it when researching if I needed to pay the premium price for switches with instant status.

Thank you so much for your help!

How does one actually activate the dimming through the Aux Switch. Seeing as there is no wiring in common, I currently have a Rule setup with Smart Lights that if either Aux switch is thrown, turn on the plug in dimmer. What I can’t figure out is how to do a “when push and held, dim incrementally”. All help appreciated.