GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer & Dimmable Remote—can you dim from the auxiliary switch?

I see a lot of info about dimmable switches, and 3-way setups but I’m not sure if that means both switch locations are dimmable, or is one just on/off.

We are building a house (framing now) and I want to have two switch locations that control recessed lights. Each location however should be able to dim/brighten but I’m not sure if you can simply use two GE Z-Wave Plus dimmable switches or if there is a dedicated dimmable remote?

From what it looks like to me, you can have a dimmable switch and a remote switch but that remote switch will only do on/off, no dimming. Am I misunderstanding this or how do you get 3 and 4-way switches in a Z-Wave setup?

Thank you in advance!

Wire it for a dumb 3/4/5 way setup with neutrals in each box of course. All you need is 1 master dimmer and then slaves. The slaves will send dim commands to the master. All locations will be able to dim the same light.

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Thanks Ron,

Are slaves and masters the same GE Z-Wave Plus dimmer switch or is there a separate switch needed?

There is a separate auxiliary switch. It doesn’t have any smarts in it - it’s just a momentary switch that sends pulses down the traveler. Typically it costs about $19 or $20. … which I find criminal when you open the device and find it’s mostly empty air and two momentary switches inside! Literally. That’s it. It shouldn’t cost more than $5 in my opinion.

Here is the device on Amazon. The same one works with Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth smart switches made by Jasco and branded by GE, Honeywell, and maybe others.

If you prefer the toggle switch style…

But that momentary switch won’t dim the lights, just turn them on/off, correct? I want that location to dim as well…

The Slaves (Auxiliary) as posted above will work just like the Dimmer if you buy the Dimmer Master (Smart). It will work just like a Switch if you only by the Switch Master (Smart).

In other words, they are just extensions of the main Smart Device. Works with Dimmers, Switches and Fan Controllers in a 3-way, 4-way or 5-way setup.


It sends a voltage pulse (or continuous voltage if you hold it down) to the main switch which interprets that as a command to switch on, off, dim up, or dim down. Dimming works by holding the switch down.

If the main switch is just a standard on/off z-wave switch, holding down the button on the add-on/aux/slave switch only turns the main on/off. If the main switch is a fan or dimmer switch, holding down the button on the add-on speeds up/down the fan or dims up/down the light.

Main switch does all the work. Add on is just a couple dumb buttons.

You can think of the add-on switch as a simple wire-or extension of the buttons on the front of the z-wave switch if that helps at all.

Great explanation, thank you!!! Master dimmer and a remote switch will work!