Virtual Device to Report Location Mode?

Hi all,
Since getting started with my SmartThings hub a few months ago, I have created several additional Modes. I’ve noticed though, that the app will only display the first few characters of the current mode name in the menu. What I thought may help would be to create a virtual device that simply displays the current mode. Problem is, I can’t get it to work!

So far I’ve created a device as well as a SmartApp that is supposed to send an event when the mode changes, which is then read by the device. I believe my code in the event sending/parsing may be my issue.

Before I post what I’ve written though, does anyone have any other thoughts on how best to accomplish seeing the entire Mode name? Or is there perhaps already a device or SmartApp out there that does something similar?

I am not clear on how many words you want to display but you can create simulated switches and use smart lighting smartapps to turn on or off the simulated switches with mode as your trigger?

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Thanks for the idea Ray - I’ll give it a shot!

Update - Instead of making multiple switches for each mode, I copied the Zigbee Color Temperature Bulb device handler and adjusted the colorName values to read my mode names based on the color temperature. When my mode changes, CoRE will update the color of the “bulb” and thus my mode name is displayed. I also made the main tile be the color temperature so that it is visible from the main screen, and changed the icon to be something more appropriate. See “Active Mode” below!

To reiterate what the issue was, I cannot see the full “Home-Dark” mode name from the ST app menu on my Pixel (also below). This allows me to see the full mode name now.

Sounds great. Did you publish your code?