Virtual device newbie question

I’m new to Smartthings and exploring some more advanced features with custom apps and virtual devices. I see a lot of people talk about using virtual devices to group devices in a different way or have Amazon Alexa execute a routine that’s tied to a virtual switch, but really is a different type of virtual device that isn’t supported by Alexa currently.

Anyway, I’ve gone through the steps to create a virtual switch in the Dev interface (new device type and device). The dumb question I have is then how do I use that to control physical devices? I don’t see a way to assign physical devices to the virtual device. What am I missing?


Connect it to a SmartApp like Smart Lighting or CoRE to control the physical devices.

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Ok, thanks. I use Smart Lighting extensively, I can choose the virtual switch as my light to control, but I’m still missing the part about how to assign what lights are then controlled by that virtual switch going on and off.

In SL you pick the switch or whatever does the triggering, and then select whatever switches or lights you want. It works the same as all of the others.

Great, thanks! I think I got the concept now. The purpose of the virtual switch is to be the trigger, that’s the part I was missing. I thought it was supposed to have physical devices somehow directly assigned, but instead the physical devices are simply watching the state (on/off) of the virtual switch. Is that right?

Yes. That’s it. Good luck.