Virtual 10 second momentary button press (mimolite?)

Hello all

I have a intercom system in my apartment block, and i have located the best way to hack into it from the handset in my actual apartment . . . With a MimoLite (this way i can be notified when it rings and also i can trigger the door release = winner)


The button press on the intercom that i am tapping into with the relay from the mimolite is momentary . . . So aslong as im pressing the button on the handset in my apartment then the door lock downstairs (main door) is open, allowing someone to open the door and come up . . .

So i need to find a way for smartthings to tell the mimolite to simulate pressing that button (closing the relay) for around 10 seconds . . . Instead of a quick 1 second blast which doesnt give a visitor enough time to actually open the door whilst its unlocked

Is this possible ?

you can do this in the device type directly using runIn(10,off), or by inserting a delay between the zwave on and off commands.


You have no choice running it the way you are doing it… Have you seen the American movie “The Apartment” starring Jack Lemmon? :wink:

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Your a star @Mike_Maxwell . . . Havnt received my mimolite yet so was curious - seems like a wasted topic now haha - aslong as it can help others and im very grateful cheers

@smart i cant say i have haha - elaborate

Do you have friends who you loan your apartment/flat at work and get paid? Things do happen. But with technological advances you can be winner rather the loser as in the movie… Watch it… It’s a brilliant movie.

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