Viper smartstart upgraded module integration

Does anyone know how to create an API for the Viper SmartStart remote system with the newer DSM550 module? I have the integration for the older 2G module, which I got from @rleonard55. It worked perfectly other than the many errors I received due to the 2G losing support out here and the push for the 4G/LTE module. So I got the 4G module installed and now my integration with smartthings doesn’t work anymore. Says the vehicle can’t be found. I was told that it should be listed on colt. calamp website in order for it to be found. Mine isn’t listed on that website. Mine is on, at least that’s where my installer set it up. I’d really love to have this thing working again. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Having the same issue since I updated my device also to the DSM550. Seems like those devices use a different service or something because mine is also missing off of Calamp Dashboard. My wifes car still shows on there but she has the 350 module until her new one comes in. Guess they will be broke from locking with a goodnight scene until it’s figured out.