Viewing and saving device data

I’ve now got a bunch of temperature, humidity, light-level, etc sensors that provide useful information about my home. What is the best way to save this data for further analysis?

The Phone app has the ‘recently’ tab (which amusingly uses a light-gray font on a white background … UI best practices, anyone?!) but this data is essentially view only on the phone. The browser-accessible ‘API’ page ( ) allows one to select a device (under ‘my devices’), view the current data, and then get a fairly decent history of that data. One has to click the ‘more…’ button over and over and over, but eventually you can get pages of data spanning hundreds of readings. From there, you can copy/paste the data, and then use your best excel parsing skills to get the data into a usable format.

Is there an easier way to achieve this? If I buy ‘action tiles’, will it let me deal with historical data more easily? Is there a limit to how far back the data from the API page is stored? Thanks!


I have a dump of temperature and battery level in a mysql database for more than 2 years now. Works like a charm. You can then pull from that database different views using any chart service. I used Dashboard.IO.
You can adapt my code to what you want to archive. Advantage is that nothing of you privacy goes on-line if you have a local machine (NAS, PC).