Video: How to make a historical log display from your SmartThings data using InitialState

This is the latest episode from our YouTube series, Git Tech’d. Elizabeth walks through creating a real-time and historical SmartThings data dashboard using Initial State.

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Nice. :sunglasses:

In this community, “dashboard “ is used in the same way that SmartThings uses it for the official mobile app: as a place where you can toggle your devices on and off while also displaying their status. (I personally would call those “control panels” but that term just hasn’t been used with smartthings much.)


What you are showing is called a data display or log display screen here. I know that’s often called a “dashboard” in other contexts, but it’s just not how it’s generally used with SmartThings .

So it goes.

I’ve added the tag so this will show up in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki with the other logging solutions and more people will see it. :sunglasses: