New SmartThings / Initial State Integration (dashboards, historical data, more)

We just released a new SmartThings integration for Initial State. You can quickly and codelessly connect your ST hub/devices to your Initial State account and start streaming data from those devices to dashboards, waveforms, and more. Useful things you can do with this integration:

  • Create one or more dashboard views showing you real-time and historical data from your sensors/devices (door sensors, motion sensors, power monitors, alarms, etc).
  • Combine data from other devices like Raspberry Pis or services like DarkSky Weather into the same dashboard as your ST data.
  • Transform data in real-time using expressions (e.g. convert units, combine data streams, compute energy costs from Watts logged).
  • Mine historical data from your ST devices. For example, see how often rooms are utilized in your home/office with motion sensor logging.
  • Log and display energy usage from smart outlets.
  • Publicly or privately share ST data with anyone.
  • Show your ST data dashboard on a TV.

Initial State accounts are free for students with a valid .edu email address and $9.99/mo or $99/yr for everyone else. We are constantly adding new features and functions. You can follow our new releases at our What’s New page.

Learn more about our new ST integration at .


Does this use the old Groovy smart app system that will eventually be retired or their new API?

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It looks like they have two versions. The DIY version is definitely groovy based.

I just can’t get over the 9.99 a month or 100 a year. I like the idea of visualization, but that also seems really steep.

It’s Groovy for now.

Cool seeing this back online.

Is this web based or an App or … both?

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Cool seeing this back online.

Thank you!!

Blockquote Is this web based or an App or … both?

Initial State is a web-based app.

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