[Release] Custom ST Dashboard Designs (Initial State)

Initial State just released several new dashboard design tools. This is the dashboard I am using at my house (4 door sensors plus 12 motion sensors) ^. We have a bunch of dashboard templates we are showcasing at https://support.initialstate.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032353131-Dashboard-Design-Templates . We are constantly updating this page with more templates. We would love to feature other ST dashboard design templates if anyone in the community makes a cool dashboard they want to share. I put the .PSD file for my design in the previous link. Email me at jamie@initialstate.com if you are interested.

The unique part of Initial State when working with SmartThings is that it gives you a hosted solution for logging ST events over time (yes, Initial State costs money - $9.99/mo or $99/yr unless you are student, which is free). I can go back and analyze the usage of my house (motions, temperature, energy, etc). This was really useful when we had our house up for sale, monitoring how much time home buyers were spending in various rooms during a showing. I also have data from other sources like Raspberry Pis and even Google Sheets going into the same dashboards.

Here is more information on the Initial State <-> SmartThings integration: https://medium.com/@InitialState/tutorial-smartthings-meet-initial-state-ea6bff21cac7 .

We made a short promo video for the new dashboard design tools (I am pretty proud if this … even the music used for this video is original):


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