Version control?

There is any sort of version control? Or plans to integrate with GitHub or something?

I see there’s some sort of versioning system built in, but I don’t see how to revert to a version, or commit messages, or any of the other goodies you get with a real version control system.

+1 for this. I’ve been using when I have things in a state I know I may need (or when I want to share code), but that isn’t super convenient.

I asked that a while back, it is on their radar. No ETA or anything.

That’s still the consensus. It’s something we want NEED to do. We just want to take our time and do it right. Not something that was just thrown on git, but something worthwhile if that makes sense. Even though we may end up using git, we just don’t want it to be bad or halfassed :stuck_out_tongue: