Github integration (UK)

Just wondered if there was an update on enabling Github integration for the UK.

I’ve personally held off using some applications such as CoRE or Nest Manager as without Github integration it’s pretty annoying to manage as with the rapid updates on the applications I’d need to be copy and pasting the code quite a lot to get the latest.

@Aaron is there any update on this being enabled for the UK?

I know this is not what you want to hear, but work on developers tools has become a lower priority to platform stability and health. We are working on some deep platform architecture and product improvements, which may require a change on how we handle both regioning/sharding and developer tools, and therefore UK Github access is going to be on hold for a bit longer.

edit: I know this is a pain point but I do not have timelines to announce


Oh come on. UK github integration is probably never going to happen. Don’t string people along. The us version is essentially useless anyway.

This is how i am starting to feel, without the developer side the product it is very simple and the lack of support for github makes it inferior to other setups

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I don’t see how difficult to just cut and paste, personally I done that only twice for core.

I guess the issue is having to do that multiple times as well as the apps having issues with a hub updates and no automated process to do a quick fix

I don’t use the github integration in the us shards. It really slows the ide down and cab break if the repo owner removes or changes their account.

I don’t think it is missing. I consider the UK folks lucky to not have to deal with such a broken and unpolished mess that should have been pulled along time ago and replaced with a real integration.

But that’s just me.

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