Version 3 Hub—doesn’t work in Canada?

Version 3 Hub

I previously posted this in the Canadian group forum but did not receive any answers to my questions.

I am considering Smartthings and see that I can order the Version 3 hub from 1 for delivery to Canada. There is one user review on 1that says the version 3 hub does not (and may not ever) work in Canada. Does anyone know if the version 3 hub works in Canada? Is Smartthings (Samsung) determining the physical location of the hub and then not allowing access to their servers?

Thanks, Elliot

First thing to check is to go into the new SmartThings app and see if that hub is an option to add

I went into the app and under Add Device/Wi-Fi/Hub it lists, SmartThings Hub/STH-ETH-200, STH-ETH-001, & Others". Does this mean that the V3 hub is not supported in Canada because it is not specifically listed?

Just to be clear, I don’t have the hub yet. I am trying to determine if it works in Canada before purchasing from Amazon in the US. There was a comment on Amazon from a Canadian reviewer that the hub does not work in Canada. Does SmartThings do IP detection for the hub and restrict access to servers based on location?

I can get the V2 hub in Canada, but I think I need the wifi ability of the V3 hub so I can better locate the hub to reach all parts of the house. I just checked with my iPhone and my router provides two bars of signal everywhere in the house. If I put the V2 hub beside my router, will it reliably be able to reach all corners of the house?


The hub should be placed 10+ ft away from any WiFi access points. The V3 uses a different joining process than other hubs, so without an entry specifically for V3 in that list you may be SOL. Here’s what the hub list looks like in the USA.

@Automated_House, that is very helpful. Looks like I am SOL for V3.

If I go with the V2 hub and place it 10 feet from my router will it have as good reach as my Sagemcom F@st 4350 router? trying to figure out if it will be able to control my devices that are farthest away from it.


You can’t rwally compare z-wave and zigbee “reach” to WiFi. Since z-wave and zigbee are mesh networks, the distance they can reach is heavily dependent on how many repeating devices your have.

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and to add to @Automated_House wifi can also interfere with zigbee depending on the channel your wifi network is using, so, putting it close to the hub can sometimes have a negative impact as well.

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Thanks all. Very helpful.

This should answer your questions about range ( this is a clickable link)

In addition, you might find the range FAQ interesting. Start with post 11 in that thread, read it, then go back up to the top of the thread and read the whole thing.

Awesome. Thanks again. I really want to go Smartthings not Wink. I’ll read the range info and then decide.


You will have the same limitations on wink as well when it comes to range etc, with just minor differences here and there. The range and various properties mentioned apply to zigbee and z-wave universally.

Any ideas if/when the V3 hub will come to Canada?

Samsung Canada support has no idea.

I just bought the V3 hub in canada at lowes and it works in canada ! All set up and working , time will tell on battery life and component life etc. I did have some problems , I think you may have to call to make sure your account is marked as USA , anyway , the hub would not register, but after a few phone calls to useless samsung persons, i think someone at samsung looked at my samsung account and marked it USA, not canada and suddenly it worked … dec 2018