Ventstar Thermostat support

This is a very smart thermostat that works over Wi-Fi. I currently use the Ventstar APP and a 3rd party App for which I pay a monthly service fee to control it. The Ventstar thermostat is a highly capable and smart unit that can control almost any HVAC or simple heating / cooling system. It monitors outside temperatures and automatically maintains the programmed inside temperature desired. It provides a programmable schedule to select temperature changes while Home or Away thus saving energy costs.

I want to integrate my existing Zigbee hardware with the Smartthings Hub and APP on my Android S4 phone and Android tablets.

Existing hardware is 2- ZigBee outlet modules a moisture/leak module and the Ventstar thermostat.

You can find the device-type that I wrote for the Venstar Colortouch at

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The program looks great, but how do I compile and use it?


Reasonably certain SmartThings has something online that will walk you through this, I just don’t know where it is. Perhaps @April can point you to it.

Have not been able to spot anything on the site for venstar thermostat. Any pointer would be appreciated.

I gave up on using my ventstar with zigbee. It works fine using the Ventstar software and I put the zigbee aside since the provider of the hardware ceased to support it. Now it is just dead hardware. Sorry

Thanks for the update !!!