Device handler for setting text or numerical values


I’m looking for a device handler where you can manually and programmatically set values (number and text). To keep this simple, I’ve like to make a simulated device that I can turn on and off and also set another parameter to be either 0, 1, 2, or 3. If possible I’d also like to be able to set an additional parameter to ‘Warm’, ‘Low’, or ‘High’

As well as being able to see and set these values in the device in the ST app, I’d like to be able to read/set these values in WebCoRE.

I am aware that I could use global parameters in WebCoRE but this wouldn’t give me the visibility of the values that I want in the App.

Does anyone have an existing device handler that does something similar please that I could amend for my needs rather than starting from scratch?


Maybe I am not clear about what you want to do but if this is to have a DTH that offers settings as tiles and send the values via an http request, let me know. I don’t use webcore so I am not sure if this is what you wanna do.

Have a look at the simulated devices. you can add them from the developer portal. There are plenty to choose for so I am sure you could make them work for your use case. I use a simulated presence sensor to show a room is occupied. Webcore does the logic and then sets the presence sensor. I also have an average house temperature. WebCore looks at all my temperature sensors and then sets the average to my simulated temperature sensor.