Vacuum cleaner with smart things & google assistant

Need reviews on the best robot vacuum cleaner that works with Smart Things and Lenovo smart display(google assistant). What are you currently using and how is it so far?

I think only the higher end Samsung ones will work with SmartThings. Almost any of them however will work with Google. I got a base model Roomba (first floor) and EcoVac (second floor) and both work with Alexa…couldn’t justify the cost of the Samsung model.

I have a Roomba and it does not but I do not know why I would need it. I have it integrated with Alexa so if I want to manually vacuum, I just tell Alexa. Otherwise, every day at 10AM, my house gets vacuumed.

Maybe there could be an argument for making it happen like 30 minutes after you leave?

If it works with IFTTT you can make it work with smartthings.

A lot of robot vacuum cleaners are suitable for you, if you want something expensive and high-quality, then Roomba is suitable, if you want to save money, but if the vacuum cleaner is of normal quality, then eufy RoboVac suits you