Vacation Mode / Randomize Lights?

Thank you!
It’s a shame about Groovy, but at least for now I have a solution until I figure out the next.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo I have copied the device handler and code and published them to me. I have turned on developer mode on my SmartThings app, but I still do not see anything under Automation > Smart Apps, except what was there before. Any ideas?

In Automations, click on the + in the upper right of the screen and select Add Routine, then tap on the Discover tab near the top… scroll down to find custom smartapps

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What I did was to go back to the IDE web page and I found that my app and DH had disappeared. I recreated them and published them and this time when I tried to add a routine, I found the new smart app at the bottom.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo Thanks for the awesome smartapp. But I cant figure out how to proceed with the virtual switch. Is that switch only for show when automation is running?

I need to stay the smartapp OFF and turn ON only when I need to the random lights start, if the condition of automation are meet.
But I’m trying to create a virtual switch to turn ON or OFF the smartapp, its possible? Because I cant add a smartapp in Google Home, but Virtual Switch I can.

Another problem, is that if I turn ON the smartapp after the start period set int the configuration of smartapp, its not work, I need to turn ON the smartapp and turn ON the virtual switch after that to respect the automation. But if I turn ON the smartapp before the start period set in the configuration, everything is done well.

HI @musashi

Just remind you that groovy is scheduled to stop working on September 30 and this app too

This is an alternative for new edge drivers

This switch is for activate or deactivate the function manual or eith autoamtions or escenes.
You don need programan times in the app, only active or deactive with automations

Pdf guide

In this post is all instructions

Oh ok @Mariano_Colmenarejo, I don’t knew that it will stop working.

Alternatively, I don’t understand this new alternative, how can I apply that on my wifi pieces linked in my smartthings, like I made with your smartapp? I checked the link you post but can’t understand how.


with this virtual device you can activate a random secuence.
Then you could do automations to imitate this random secuence in one or several devices.

You could create Two or three virtual devices to made two or three differents random secuences

Similar to this to imitate status change of other device

Ok @Mariano_Colmenarejo but how can I install this Virtual Switches Mc? In your channel link? There´s nothing to do when I enter in your channel.

I have not been able to find a simple Edge-based driver to provide vacation random lighting. Let me know if any exists. As an alternative, I created a Python script which is currently running on a Raspberry Pi (but can run on many different platforms). Hopefully someone can replicate this Python functionality in a Lua-based driver that runs on the hub.
AllegrettoA/SmartThings-VacationLights: Simulate home lighting by randomly turning on & off lights (