V2 Hub to V3 Hub?

I currently have 40 z-wave switches & dimmers connected to my V2 Hub. I’m about to add a little over 50
additional dimmers. Before I add these devices, is there a compelling reason to move to the V3 hub or should I stick with V2? I figured if I don’t move to the V3 with wifi, I’d just walk around with my Eero connected to the V2 hub when adding the new devices. Any advice or feedback?

I’m a little bit confused about what you mean by this. The V2 hub doesn’t have a Wi-Fi radio at all, so it has to be plugged into an ethernet port. That can be a port on a Wi-Fi extender if that helps any. But the V2 hub wouldn’t be using the eero Wi-Fi, it just needs an Ethernet connection to the Internet.

Also, if your new Z wave switches are all Z wave plus, using the 500 or 700 chip, you shouldn’t have to walk around at all: those can all be paired in place. The exception would be Zwave locks which still have to be very close to the hub in order to exchange security keys.

V2 vs V3

As far as reasons for switching to the V3… It’s hard to say. At this moment in time the two are pretty close with regard to specifications. But the V3 does have the Wi-Fi radio. There’s a possibility, although definitely not a certainty, that it might work better with matter once matter is supported. Or at least that the V3 might get matter support first. But nobody knows for sure outside of Samsung, they haven’t published the details of what they’re planning to do in much depth.

Better than the V3: But not here yet

Speaking just for myself, my own expectation is that within two years or so I will probably want a Z wave long range hub (the specification is referred to as “Z wave plus V2“ or “Z wave LR”) because that’s going to have some very real advantages. Much longer range but also the ability to add more devices and some other interesting technical improvements. Plus I’m a sucker for lower power consumption. :wink: So again, speaking just for myself, I would probably go even farther and put off any new hub purchases until a z wave 800 version was available. But again that could be a couple of years.

At this point, I think there are arguments to be made either way, particularly if you want to limit your expenditures, so it’s really just a matter of choice. I’m sure the V2 will be discontinued eventually, but the question is what will be available to take its place. Because there’s definitely better zwave tech than the V3 coming down the line, But no guarantee of when or if smartthings itself will utilize it.

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At this point I don’t see any compelling difference between the V2 and V3. Since there are no migration tools, changing to a new hub means resetting all devices and pairing them one by one to the new hub followed by rebuilding all automations. Not a process to be taken on without a serious reason.

I’ve been building out my SmartThings network for almost 3 years starting with my V2 hub. Everything I put in is either Z-wave Plus or ZigBee.

I’ve never had to carry the V2 hub around the house to pair devices. But I also don’t have any smart locks.


Believe OP Is talking about carrying an eero mesh device plus the V2 hub around. Most, maybe all, eero devices have an Ethernet port so that would be hard wired to the hub and also be part of the eero WiFi mesh.


That’s correct. V2 plugged into eero. Worked like a charm. It’s really no harder than carrying the V3 Wi-Fi hub around by itself. I have V3 at another location and the effort is about the same.

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My trusty Pre Zwave+ Schlages - built like tanks but man are they a PAIN to pair to anything… But besides those three devices I never move my hub/controller to pair.

Stick with the v.2 - Pair in place.

My build philosophy is - if it doesn’t work, keep adding repeaters until it does.

(adds Tim Allen grunt for effect)