Lightwave hub

I am new to smartthings And this site.
I would be grateful if someone could answer me these questions

  1. Smart hub could anybody tell me the difference between the 2nd generation and 3rd Generation. I would like to use Internet cable Instead of Wi-Fi.

  2. Lightwave L21 Smart Series Dimmer, 280 W, 230 V, Stainless Steel, 1 Gang Do I have to BUY a Separate lightwave hub To connect to work properly
    I just want to use the smartthing hub instead Because it connects to far more things.

  3. I have managed to get a neutral wire to the back of the wall switch Neutral wire has come for my plug sockets.
    I know lightwave Doesn’t need a neutral.
    Does anybody know any suitable dimmable light switches + Remote if possible Which works with Alexa.

So I am better off buying v2. hub
Am I correct lightwave v2 hub .
Confusing you are Talking about zigbee Is lightwave part of the thing company.

The Lightwave integration with SmartThings is cloud to cloud, so you will have to have a Lightwave hub as well. Lightwave uses its own frequency and the SmartThings hub does not include that particular radio, so there is no way to use Lightwave devices directly with SmartThings. Everything goes through the internet instead.

Say you want to have a siren controlled by SmartThings sound when a switch controlled by Lightwave is turned on.

  1. The Lightwave switch sends a message to its own hub.
  2. The Lightwave hub uses the internet to send a message to its cloud.
  3. The Lightwave cloud uses the internet to send a message to the SmartThings cloud.
  4. The SmartThings cloud uses the internet to send a message to the SmartThings hub.
  5. the SmartThings hub sends a message to the siren.

While that sounds like a lot of steps, it happens quickly, and it’s the same way that, for example, voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home work.

Thanks that answered my question lightwave.
I just want one smart hub to control everything If possible,Dimmable lights,curtains,blinds.
I will look again ,Is there anything I should look for Live in uk
Do you smart Lights switches and which ones.