v2 Hub and Open/Closed door push notifications?

Switched to v2 Hub over the weekend. Wasn’t as painful as the majority of posts,but AM finding the gotchas here and there. And one, which is CRITICAL for me asa father of 2 toddlers, is the instant push notifications sent when the entry doors open or close. I have gen1 Multi Sensors on each of our 2 entry doors (front and side of house).

Where is the “Know When” feature for doors (or ANY object for that matter… mailbox, wine fridge, kitchen under counter cabinet, etc. etc. etc.)??? This is a huge safety and security piece!

It looks like there is this on locks:

Under the new Smart Home Monitor, there does not seem to be a disarmed/home functionality for notifying you on doors opening or closing. Am I missing it, or did S.T. make the huge miss here?

Need help fast please… I have the wife in my ear (rightfully so) as my 2 year old is a huge fan of opening doors right now. :frowning:

Go to Marketplace -> SmartApps -> Safety & Security -> Notify Me When

That should do what you are looking for I think.

In SHM, go to configure… Three dots on your right… Then go about setting up custom alerts… You will get options for the text/push in the next screen…


The notify when smart app is still available in the marketplace.

Smart home monitor does not yet have any way of monitoring whether locks are locked/unlocked. Presumably that will be added in the future it’s a pretty glaring omission for a security app.

But if you go under custom notifications you should be able to set one up for a contact sensor. I’m using two, one on a linen closet door that has the cleaning supplies and one on the front gate.

I see @smart and I crossposted. If you need the exact steps on getting into setting up a custom notification, I just pulled screenshots for that yesterday for someone who wanted to set up notification off of a temperature sensor change. The Initial steps should be the same just in case you need those.


But wouldn’t that only fire when SHM is armed home or armed away? If he just wanted to make sure anytime those doors open no matter when it seems the “Notify Me When” app is the way to go.

I don’t think so. I use it for doors left open for more than 5 minutes too even in disarmed mode. Don’t select any modes. On my way back home. Will check. I may be wrong.

I don’t have any mode restriction there…

Updated: it fires regardless if armed or not. I have set notifications on all door contacts and they fire all day long in disarmed mode. (It works well with Smart Light, which I use to notify with lights)

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Weird - so then for custom rules the armed/disarmed state of the SHM does nothing?

@smart doesn’t this also alert you when a door is closed for 5 minutes? My garage door as a result tells me when it’s been closed for 5 minutes, it’s a little odd and useless. Thoughts?

I used to be able to use open/close monitor but in v2 this is not available. I liked the fact that it had an option to sound an alarm when open but immediately stop upon closing. Helpful for my doorbell hack so the sound was short.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to repeat this…

Try “notify me when” under safety and security under smartapps in the marketplace. I’m not sure it does everything you want, but it’s worth a look

Thanks but that can only push notifications no alarm trigger. Plus the open/close monitor had the option to stop alarm when the contact closed

It can send a text, which means you could send it to IFTTT and use that as a trigger for the siren in the SmartThings channel.

It looks like it will repeat as well.

It’s indirect, but it might give you the result you want.

Getting the alarm triggered is not the challenge but getting it to stop, would IFTTT take care of that?

V[quote=“jefo13, post:15, topic:25122, full:true”]
Getting the alarm triggered is not the challenge but getting it to stop, would IFTTT take care of that?

You could certainly just set up a second recipe which shuts the siren off when the door’s closed. That should do it. But then don’t use the repeat.

Just depends if you have other use cases that need decided to keep going.

The other option would be to look at some of the third-party rules engines and see if any of them can do it. I honestly just don’t know because I don’t have a siren I use with smartthings so I haven’t looked at those use cases.

Thanks for making me think, I already had an app called smartrules which I set up to turn off the alarm when the door closes, excellent!

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