Using your own URL for Smart App icon?

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So I just now tried both dropbox and google drive to create my own icons. I don’t currently have other webspace setup already that I can use to store some icons. I created both a 120x120 @2x and the normal 60x60 size icon, and they were pngs just like the standard SmartThings ones. But neither worked.

Anyone know if it’s just not possible to use your own URL for the iconUrl and icon2XUrl options in a smart app?

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Your icons are already on Github. What other webspace do you need? :smile:

Well, true, but those aren’t my icons. Those are their icons, just downloaded for viewing convenience. I tried dropbox and google drive, but I will try github now for my own.

My icons are hosted on an http server at 256px and 512px (@2x) and display fine.

I use dropbox to host my icons. Never had a problem.

My icons work fine, hosted on personal webspace, but I assume any URL that doesn’t require authentication is fine (yet risk performance delays without a CDN like Amazon…).

…CP / Terry.

Can you tell me how you use dropbox to host your icons? I uploaded a test icon to my dropbox and created a link but using it in place of the ST link for my standard tile doesn’t show anything on the UI.

You have to add a line to the definitions section of your smartapp or DTH.


You can get that URL by finding the desired icon via your web browser.