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Using to Nest humidity reading to trigger humidifier?


(Eric) #21

That device handle does present the humidifier control on your thermostat (if you have your thermostat wired this way) as a switch to smartthings.

I assume you do have your nest thermostat wired to control humidifier on your hvac system? That is what that device handler is doing to help you control it.

If your humidifier is not controlled by your nest thermostat, then you don’t need this driver, and we should start over discussion so that I understand what you are trying to accomplish.

(Kevin) #22

Yes, nest thermo controls my whole house humidifier. The humidifier is connected to the HVAC and connected to nest with one wire at the nest, but a RIB relay on humidifier - basically turning it to 2 wires. As it’s a two wire connection on/off. I’m working on trying to take the code right now into a device handler. I will be right back.

(Kevin) #23

OK - I added the code and created the Device Handler successfully. I only published. Didn’t OAuth or anything. Just published. I am looking in the classic app now and can’t add it as a thing - as it doesn’t display. Is there a different process I should take? I also noticed it shows as “edited” on IDE where I would have thought it would have said Published. If that matters.

(Eric) #24

You should create a new device
and then publish for me.

It should not say edited if you did this.

You can create the device in the IDE

  • My Device
    • New Device

name it,
give it a unique device network Id (does not matter, just unique is important)
Under “type”, select the handler you installed under “My Device Handlers” (will be near bottom of list)

then hit create

Then you can go into the Classic mobile app and the device should be there, and you can hit settings to configure it, and ensure it is working

(Kevin) #25

This is great. Getting a little closer. I think I did it correctly. I added it as a thing now. It’s there. I go into the gear settings and add serial number and such. Then I moved over to automations, and go to set up the NST Humidifier control. I set the new Humidifier Control Thing as the Switch is asks for. The app adds it, but states the Switch status is NULL (Not set). Not sure if that’s right at this stage. I move further down the automation, setting things up. I set the humidity sensor to the Nest Thermostat and the Temperature Sensor to Nest Weather. All seems to be working. What I don’t understand is how to now set the automation for ranges of outside temperatures to trigger/switch the humidifier on or off at different Humidity settings. Example would be - if outside temp is between 20 and 30 degrees, set the humidity level from the Nst Thermo to 30%, and if it’s less than 20 degrees, set it at 25%. So on and so forth… Am I not correct in this? Does it do that? And if not, what does it do? Again, thank you and I am sorry for all these questions.

(Kevin) #26

Also - just to know - the switch status at the end of all the setting up is still NULL (NOT SET).

(Eric) #27

you should just with the device get the switch to work before you play with the automation. It should work it the device handler to turn on/off the humidifier. If not should watch IDE logs for errors in regards to the device handler

(Kevin) #28

Seems the device/thing work and control the humidifier. I can adjust humidity in the new device handler thing and the nest application. Back and forth - no problem. Now I think I need to see if the NST Automation does in deed do what I am hoping it does - which is to adjust humidity based on ranges of outdoor temp. Is that what it’s supposed to do?

(Kevin) #29

So latest Eric - I have moved over to Webcore to automate, now that the Nest Humidity Control Device Handler exists. I created a piston to set a range of humidity percentages based on nest weather outdoor temp. Seems to work. I tested various scenarios on integer setting considering I can’t change the actual outdoor temp - but I can get the humidifier to turn off/on based on the settings I give. It’s now set. Anything above 25 deg, will make the humidifier come on till 35% is reached. So that’s my current string since it 27 deg out. But if it’s between 15 and 25, it will go to 30%, and anything less than 15, will go to 25%. It all works. I will keep pursuing the NST Automation though - just out of curiosity.

Here’s my new dilemma, I realized I had to provide the Humidity Control Device Handler my user id, password and serial number of the thermo in the Configuration of the Thing/Device. That made me a little nervous, so I activated 2FA in Nest. As I predicted, the automation is now broken because the Device (Humidity Control Device Handler) can’t handle 2FA. So I am getting, probably against the polling cycle, a verification code request form NEST. Oh boy. Wonder if there’s a way to maintain this connection either through 2FA, or figuring out how to maintain connection so it doesn’t ask for 2FA anymore because it’s registered? Thoughts?