Using Smartings in a caravan

I have project idea to use Smartthings as a Caravan security system. My Caravan has a crap alarm and is not really fit for purpose but a replacement would be a similar cost to a basic Smartthings integration.

So what I’m looking at is installing a hub and mifi with a ethernet switch into the caravan, using the existing 12v solar power as a power source.

Adding a motion, flood, and door sensors use an old android device as a geofence presence device. via wifi

I can see that all the main elements are available and should work together. But I’d be interested in other opinions on this especially the following elements.

  1. Stability of a mifi (4G) connection over extended periods
  2. Running ST Hub from a 12v battery source.
  3. Using old android devices for GPS location long term.
  4. Data usage of the hub with 4-5 sensors

I’m probably going to try it anyway but I’d be interested in what others think about the idea

I wouldn’t rely on that. Mobile Internet outages that last for hours are quite common. But hey, crappy alarm is still better than no alarm, right? :wink:

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I have got to see pictures of this after the install! I read of someone using the Amazon Dot in their car and I thought that was crazy.

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I personally like using a 4g router, and disable DHCP, so you can have a Static IP if you’re going to use Hue or even just the regular ST hub.

Data usage is very minimal in general. I think with a ton of products, you’re still talking most users are under 250MB/mo.

This is just experiences that I’ve had with a moving AirStream trailer.

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How much do you move around?

At least in the US, a mobile phone’s location service Will take your Wi-Fi connection into account, but if you move the wifi router the address of that Wi-Fi connection can take 10 days or so before mobile phone Geopresence knows the new address. This affects everyone who moves a Wi-Fi router to a new address, nothing to do with smart things. But it means for about a week or two your phone will get confused about where it is if it uses Wi-Fi. If you are moving the caravan frequently, or even more if you are not updating the address with the mobile phone company, then I don’t know that the mobile phone is going to be the best presence sensor for you.

It does appear that the same thing is true in England for at least some devices:

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Thanks JD I probably didn’t explain to well the phone will be a GPS receiver installed in the Caravan connected to the Mifi via WiFi. That way I would only need to update the hub location in the map.

Also most of the time the 4G signal should be available assuming I am not in to remote a location.

The biggest issue I think I’m seeing now is maintaining sufficient battery power during the winter with only 5-6 hours of overcast daylight as I’ll be powering a hub, Mifi, switch and mobile phone. All relatively small but constant drains for a battery at close to freezing. I’ll have to run some numbers and see how significant they would be.

But it is looking possible with a low cost data SIM. (£5pm)