Make Smartthings hub more powerful with battery included

I thinks should be have battery inside hub. Also support mobile SIM.
Main feature of this is send an sms to owner about who break door or had motion while cannot connect to the internet.


Hey Tuan! That’s a great idea. With the SamsungSmartThings Hub (popularly known as “hub v2”), it does actually has battery-backup just for that reason.


Great news.
Smartthings hub V2 have mobile SIM included ?
I will buy when product available.

No, it won’t have a mobile SIM slot.

There are some fancy home routers that accept a SIM card and manage internet in case of main internet source failure.


Yes, I used PiSector Home Security and Smartthings devices, perfect if Smartthings included phone call or sms when had motion or door open.

You can use IFTTT for that, although there might be some latency. I’ve been impressed with the speed of response between ST and IFTTT for my Wemo switches though.

The SIM card idea sounds pretty useful. I am in the process of acquiring a lake house, where there’s no possibility of internet (aside from satellite which is too expensive). Having local processing within the hub and a SIM card to report back to your phone would be great. It wouldn’t need to be nearly as in depth as a home system, just some door sensors, motion sensors, and a smart thermostat would be more than enough to keep an eye on the place.

Even with Hub V2’s local processing I’m pretty sure a connection to the cloud is still required. The only reason there’s local processing is to take the load of the cloud.

From the latest I heard, there was a comment in a developer call that it could be possible to make things local but that’s not the intent at launch.

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Why put a SIM card in the ST hub? If you are that way inclined, this is a job that should be handled by your normal ‘Internet’ router, that way everything still has access to the internet including the ST hub, rather than just the ST hub having internet access and nothing else.

Because that’s the way many / most UL Certified home alarm systems work.

A key selling point in all of their marketing materials (including TV ads…) is “cellular connectivity that works even if your phone line is cut or internet is down!”.


:arrow_up:️ This.

It’s also how many medical monitoring devices work. The controller has the ability to initiate a cellular call directly to the monitoring center.

At one point, we discussed the possibility of using a USB port on the hub to add a dongle for Wi-Fi and/or cellular connection, but the problem is that the hub has to be smart enough to use it. Which is a whole separate issue.

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Fair enough and they are good points except they can all still be negated by just doing it at your ‘Internet’ router in the first place and covering all situations (alarm systems and medical monitors) at the same time instead of having one for each :smiley:

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Hope ST will include SIM slot in next update.
For your require may you use this
If don’t have electric you can use solar panel for charger.

Doesn’t need cellular internet connect when main internet connect cut down, just use SMS. I use pisector hub, they send sms and call to notify to some numbers I has setup.

I am in a similar situation and use a cellular modem for my hub, it works great.

Me too. I like having a full Internet backup using a USB 4G/LTE modem on my router. These do the trick very well.

Unfortunately this is the only internet I have, but the view us great!

T-Mobile has a pay as you go SIM plan under $5/mo (admittedly with very little data.) I use one of these on a pad as a backup GPS (very little data used.) Similar to a hot spot usage for that SIM, I’m still searching for an implementation where someone used just a USB dongle (yes, like Iris) for the ST alarm use.