Using Smart locks to arm different alarm modes?

Hi all,

I am currently using a scout alarm system. While this works well, it is really limited - the hub is a black box and it does not really integrate with anything.

I would much like to install a more advanced system using ST, that combines smart locks with an alarm system.

What I’d like is this:

  1. Pushing the lock button on the outside of the door locks the lock (duh) and arms the alarm in away mode;
  2. Unlocking the lock, either with a PIN or a physical key, disarms the alarm;
  3. Locking the door from the inside does not arm the alarm. Or, even better, locking from the inside sets the alarm to a different (home) mode where motion sensors won’t trigger the alarm.

Is there any lock out there that supports this functionality? Or could I approximate it by letting the lock auto-lock and trigger a different alarm mode based on whether it was locked using auto-lock or the lock button?

Thanks in advance,

  • Dave.
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Have you found a solution to this? I am also looking for the same thing…

I wish, but no.

Given enough time to tinker, something could probably be hacked up with parts from a smartlock, a RasPi, and a few sensors and buttons. But who has time…

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