Using motion detection to turn lights on and off or turn off with Alexa?

For my home security system I have motion detection in many rooms and lights on lutron Caséta controllers.
If there a solid app that is really smart?
If night and motion turn on, stay on till I leave the room, or tell Alexa to turn off.

Webcore can do this.

webcore is way overkill for this. Use SmartThings’ standard SmartLights app. Its under the Automation section of the new app, or marketplace of the Classic app.


thanks Ill give that a try !

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Well its not ideal. Latency is high, and I set the stay on time for 10 minutes. But if I leave the room, and turn out the lights, and 4 minutes later go back in the room, the lights do not go back on.

What motion sensor are you using? Also not sure what you mean by '“stay on time”. Can you post a screen shot of the automation you created?

Latency is most commonly an issue of the brand/model of sensor and, just as importantly, the placement of the sensor.

You may already know this, but most of the motion sensors that work with SmartThings are PIR, passive infrared sensors. They measure very small changes in heat the passes across the lens of the sensor.

Many people will think of the motion sensor like a camera and place it so that a person walks straight on towards it. But this can actually result in the sensor not triggering. The best placement is to position the sensor so that the person walks sideways across the detection field. See the community FAQ for details (the topic title is a clickable link)

Also, some sensors have parameters that allow you to adjust the “sensitivity“ which will reduce latency. But it will also reduce battery life, so that’s a trade off you have to consider.

Finally, the official smart light feature can run locally, without requiring a cloud trip to turn the light on, but only when certain device type handlers are used. So that’s another possible factor.

I do this with Alexa routines rather than webcore in my kitchen. Cabinet strips come on when there is motion; turns off when no motion after a minute.