Using location API to get latitude and longitude

I have two smart tag plus devices. I got a token with the proper permissions.

When I use the apis to retrieve the location id then retrieve the longitude/latitude, the location api returns None for both latitude and longitude.

Please advise on how i would be able to get the location for the devices.


I’m not sure precisely what you are after. Is it the latitude/longitude for your SmartTag devices?

If so, that information isn’t available to end users via the API. Indeed the only things you can do with the SmartTags are those the mobile app offers to you. So you can see the tag location plotted on poor quality maps in SmartThings Find but you can’t have the actual raw location data.

It is a crying shame really.


I can verify what @orangebucket has said. I looked into that a while back. The API is about useless with the smart tag.