Using Homeseer HS-WD200+ to Dim Philips Hue

I have a Homeseer HS-WD200+, SmartThings Hub and Philips Hue setup. I’ve been able to set these up so that when I:

  • click up on the switch, the lights turn on
  • click down on the switch, the lights turn off
  • double-click up on the switch, a specific “scene” is turned on

My wife still resents me for removing her simple dimmer switch and installing these lights. She misses the ability to just dim just the right amount using a switch manually.

I was thinking I’d be able to simulate this by either mapping the holding down of down on the switch to “dim x% every y milliseconds” or by mapping each click to “dim x% every y milliseconds”.

This is my first smartthings device and I don’t know where to start. Does anyone know of an example I could look to in order to get started programming this? I am a Software Engineer. I’m just looking for a starter example. I have searched about for something, but didn’t find any hits. I figure I must be searching on the wrong keywords.

Thanks so much!

Okay, are your Hue lights on the same circuit as the Homeseer dimmer? SmartBulbs need power 24/7 to respond to commands. If your homeseer is on a separate circuit than your hue bulbs, and the homeseer has no load connected to it, then you can. But I suspect that you’ve got a faulty setup on your hands.