Using Google Home (assistant) speaker for notifications/alarms?

Mine seems to have gone - but I’m currently set up for UK.

See here; nobody knows what it’s for.

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Mine doesn’t have that option.

I would like to know if anyone has using this setting.

Not sure if this adds much to your conversation, but as a Caseta owner, I get these mailings and wanted to share with this thread.


Caseta Wireless
April 2017
Special Announcement

Wondering if you left the lights on? Just ask your Google Assistant.

Change the way you control your lights by adding Google Assistant-powered devices to your Caséta smart lighting controls. The Google Assistant allows you and your family to get answers, stream music, and manage everyday tasks—like controlling your Caséta dimmers.

The Google Assistant can also tell you the status of your lights, even when you’re away from home! Ask questions – “Ok Google, are my bedroom lights on?” Then have your Google Assistant adjust your lights accordingly.

You can get hands-free help around the house with the Google Assistant on Google Home, a voice-activated speaker. Or you can use the Google Assistant to control lights while you’re on the go with your Pixel or select AndroidTM phone or Android Wear device.

Visit for more details.

Lutron and Caséta are trademarks of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Google, Google Home, and Android are trademarks of Google Inc.

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Please someone have step-by-step how config GH as speaker for notifications/alarms?

I read all information on this topic but is not easy to follow, I know life is not easy :slight_smile:

You might try starting here Door Sensor + Google Home + IFTTT. There are some updates since this post such as variables so read through that thread. I haven’t messed with it in awhile but just ask if you have any questions.

I seem to recall other discussions/options using GH for announcements but don’t recall exactly where. If native notifications discussed above become a reality, then all of this changes.

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Hi There,
I have created a small python script that i have uploaded on my GitHub account, this can be run from a raspberry pi and allows you to send any custom voice notifications from Google Home via googles TTS Api!
This plays really well with IFTTT

It also uses Pythons Inbuilt HTTP Server for recieving custom GET commands


Excuse my novice-ness, but would it be possible to get an example of how to tie all of the necessary pieces together to use this to, say, perform a TTS announcement on a contact sensor open? I’m relatively well-versed in the workings of SmartApps and have written a custom one to handle my specific home-automation needs; but I actually haven’t done much of anything with IFTTT yet. I currently have an Aeotec Doorbell which serves as a media player device with pre-downloaded MP3 files. What would I do where I normally trigger that device to play the track number associated with the MP3 I want played to instead use your script to cast TTS to a Google Home? Thanks in advance.

@rwhapham - No worries, you would run this python script on a device on your network, i use a raspberry pi for example…

Then call the raspberry pi via url from IFTTT
The URL is “” where Message+Goes+Here is the TTS String… The + symbol is automagically converted to a space when running the TTS Library.

I had this working externally from my network using some simple port forwarding on my router.

Feel free to drop me a DM if you get stuck or message me on Twitter @3DPrintingKid

Are able to provide a quick step process for rpi newbies?

Sure thing!
Install raspbian to Rpi
Open terminal and run “sudo python pip install pychromecast”

Then wget the .py file from my github repository.

Run the python file using python

Then to test grab your laptop or pc and open web browser

Go to http://ipofraspberrypi/Notify?Hello+World

Any issues drop me a message on twitter @3DPrintingKid


Great work, thanks for sharing. We can now use “broadcast” on Google Home / Mini and the mobile assistant to send a message to all devices. On mobile, you can type “broadcast” followed by the message which comes out as the Google voice. With this new feature, is there an easier way to implement this idea? IFTTT doesn’t offer yet the Google Assistant on the “then that” side of rules to accomplish this. Thanks for reading.

I get the following error when I try to run the python script on your github.

  File "", line 23
pre-url, notification = self.path.split("?")
SyntaxError: can't assign to operator

Any idea what could be happening?

If you’re looking to do chromecast/google home notifications, try this out: [RELEASE] cast-web 0.1 - Chromecast Device Handler & SmartApps

I’ve got it set up in a docker container on my server. So far, it works great. Integrates well with webCoRE.


Hi Ryan, i will take a look when i get into work

1 year later :slight_smile: - I am trying to find if this exists without additional setup

im using this and it rocks


Would you like to elaborate please. :slight_smile:
How do you set this up. I see there are device handlers and smartapps in this site.
If you could it would be much appreciated.

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Yes! Does this require a dedicated separate device?

Yes, it sadly still does.
The requirements for this device are minimal though and it runs on almost any OS.

If you want to give it a try, everything you need should be here.