Using GE Smart Switch only as a button

Hello, I have Hue bulbs controlled physically by GE smart switches. I realized that the HUE bulbs are not supposed to be turned of electrically. Because, when I try to turn on the room lights Alexa says they are not reachable.
My question is: is it possible to disable the switch to act not as an electrical interceptor (pass the electric all the time), but as a button to send commands to the HUE room group?

You can hook the switch up to power, but not connect a load to it. Then use something like SmartLighting or CoRE to setup a rule that says “If switch X is pressed, turn on this light”

This isn’t recommended if you have no other way to turn off your connected bulb though. In the case of an internet outage, you would have no way to shut off lights.

Yes , you just don’t connect a load to the switch. Make an automation that if switch is turned on/off than lights a,b,c,etc turn on/off.
You will notice a delay in actuation of the command. Not usually more than a second or two.

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This should help (this is a clickable link):

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Thanks for the link. It appears to me that smart bulbs are best used in lamps since they have a local switch.

There are many options for using smart bulbs which are discussed in the FAQ. People choose them for different reasons, but most commonly either because they want a no wiring solution or because they want the color changing features. For people who want the color changing features, they may very well want them in ceiling fixtures, including recessed can lighting. So different things work for different people.

Originally, there was quite an issue with the problem of some people turning the power off to the bulbs at the wall switch. Not only did that mean the bulbs were not available to hear the next “on” command from the network, but the inrush current from frequently turning the power off and then on can significantly shorten the life of the bulbs.

Fortunately, there are now four or five different ways to handle that situation that will provide control of the bulbs without needing the phone and that don’t change the current to the bulbs so the radios are not damaged. :sunglasses: So lots of choices, again, detailed in the FAQ. There are times when a smart switch and a dumb bulb will be the best solution, and other situations where a Smart bulb will be preferred. Choice is good.

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Thank you all for your replies. How can I hotwire the lights. I still want to use the GE smart switch as trigger.
You said not to connect a load to the switch. In that case is there a diagram or picture to see what is connected to what.
Thanks, I appreciate the help.

I found it! I put the load cable to the second line hole.
Thank you all again for your helps.