Using FGS212 as garage door push button

Ive manged to use a fibaro FGS212 as a garage door push button open and close. However Im looking for a bit more input to get this working in a neater fashion.

The basics I have working are as follows:

Set up a FGS-212 with mains power, but switching a secondary power circuit.
Diagram available here:

The secondary cuircuit is the two terminals or pins that can be connected in order to mimick a push button on the door control.

I set up a device handler for the FGS-212 and set parameter 4 to value 15. This turns off the relay after 1.5 seconds and therefor mimicks a 1.5 second push of the button.

So, I can push the button and the door opens. Once open, I can push the button again and it closes. I also have this set up to connect with Amazon Echo, and I can ask Alexa to “Open Garage Door”, or “Close Garage Door”.

In reality both open and close do the same job of switching this relay. Doesn’t matter whether the door is open or closed. The relay is always in the Off state, and both of these commands will turn it on (until it turns itself off again 1.5 seconds later).

However, this is where Im struggling for ideas to make it a bit neater. Ideally I would like “Close” to only push the button if the door is in the open position. and I would like “Open”, to only push the button if the door is in the closed position.

I envisage this will require the use of magnetic contacts, and use of some logic to differentiate the commands “close” and “open” and whether to actually do anything dependent on the state of these magnetic contacts.

Any suggestions or input greatly appreciated. Hopefully this can help others looking to do the same.

OK, Ive had a bit more of a think on this and believe I may be getting somewhere.

This is the plan which Im going to test:

  1. Create a Simulated Garage Door Opener. Name: Garage 1
  2. Setup the FGS212 relay with an auto off time of 1.5 seconds and Name the device ZZ1 (just to get it at the bottom of the list in the things view).
  3. Add a smartapp routine that turns on relay ZZ1 when Garage 1 is Opened.
  4. Add another routine that turns on relay ZZ1 when Garage 1 is Closed.

So, in theory, when I ask alexa to “Close Garage 1” - if the simulated garage door opener is already in the close position, nothing happens. If the door is in the open state, then it will go to the close state, and trigger the actual relay to make the push button.

Now. If this works, great. However this leads into another problem.

What if I use the actual physical button in the garage or the radio transmitters to either open or close the door. The setup on smartthings will become out fo sync with the physical state of the door.

I can see this is going to have to include the use of contact sensors/magnetic switches to set the actual state.

Again, any input greatly appreciated.

Looks like I’ve been trying to reinvent the wheel.

I tried this with a couple of simulated devices I set up for testing and it appears to work just fine. Will get a few door contacts and test for real in the next week or so.

OK, kind of back to the drawing board.

Although I can get the system set up using the smartapp linked in the post above, which appears to work fine using the Smartthings app. It does not work when wanting to integrate with Amazon Alexa.

When discovering devices, it will not pick up the simulated garage doors. The routine that I set to “close all garage doors” is picked up, but is listed in the Alexa App as “Disabled because it contains device(s) unsupported by Alexa”.

So, open to any suggestions again…