Using Domoticz security panel to arm/disarm

Howdy all!

I use domoticz as my man-in-the-middle to control my somfy devices.

I just came across a nice little feature within it… a security panel!

Obvious question… how do I integrate it in ST?

I absolutely needit, seeing that I am not succeeding in finding a suitable zigbee/zwave keypad for use in Europe…


Edit: Ideally it should have different codes for different people…

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Please note that ActionTiles ($23.99 - 20% off this weekend coupon ldsc-20p) offers “PIN Protected Tiles”, including for control of Smart Home Monitor arm-away / arm-stay / disarm, Mode, Routines, Switch, Lock, etc… At this time, it is a single PIN per secured Panel - no option for individually assigned PINs; but that could be a future feature.

Give me a shout out when that happens and I’ll probably jump right in! :yum:

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We’d love to have you on board, Daniel.

Our Feature choices are heavily influenced by our Feedback Forum.

Please create a Topic to post your desire for individual user PIN codes and it will automatically be eligible for Votes, discussion, and progress tracking.