Customize app for kids/family

I was about to order Panasonics Smart home because of it’s simplicity when I heard about Smartthings. Which seems better.
My intention was to have some kind of security at home, door/window sensors, glass break sensors, cameras etc. and get alerts to my and the familys iPhones.
Is it possible to have my kids use an app for Alarm and Disarm in their iPhones? I don’t want them to have all kinds of possibilities with the system, it would be nice to have them only see two buttons alarm system on/off. And maybe watch a pet camera perhaps.
Can I customize the controls like that for family members with the Smartthings?

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Unfortunately this is not possible with the mobile app. It’s certainly something that has been requested but users will have full access to your hub. There is a 3rd party web based option called ActionTiles that does have this feature:

I am sure @tgauchat will jump in and provide more details on this feature.


That’s a perfect use for ActionTiles!

Create a free Account, connect to your SmartThings Location (Hub) and create as many custom limited or powerful dashboard Panels you wish, including optional PIN Protected Tiles.

Securely share the carefully limited control Panels with another Account(s); such as a gmail alias login for the kids. Revise and revoke anytime.

ActionTiles is free for 14 days Trial, then unlimited License per Hub at $23.99 USD.


I think the bigger issues is, I wouldn’t depend on SmartThings for security. If you poke around the forums you’ll see its been discussed a good bit. The main issue to me is the lack of reliability. I choose to do it, but its vs having nothing as opposed to having a full security system. I have no alarms so its just SMS notifications based on sensors while we are away.

A few other other options you might be able to use are Gideon and Stringify. I used for switches and sensors but not arming/disarming the home status so not positive if they can do it or not. I’m also pretty sure, with Android at least, you could stick 2 routine widgets on the home screen that would arm/disarm by just using the SmartThings app. The issue there is that they would have the app and have full access so if the desire is to limit what they have access to as opposed to just making an easy clean UI, that doesn’t accomplish that.

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Home Remote works well for an app to just let one turn things on and off.
I use it on my PC to turn lights on and off.

Sharptools would probably work too if the phones are Android.


ActionTiles is on sale through Monday, btw…