Looking for alarm panel suggestions

Looking to buy an alarm panel with touch-screen used that works with SmartThings?
I have the SmartThings V2 hub.

The short answer is that there aren’t any.

The longer answer is that some people use one of the dashboard options like actiontiles as an equivalent. @tgauchat can say more about that.

There are some pushbutton keypads that work if that’s of any interest to you.

Or you can use one of the touchscreen smartlocks and have a specific user code trigger a specific ST event if that’s of any interest. But those are pretty expensive if you just want the touch panel.

The Following FAQ covers most of those options:

The ADT/smartthings dual logo hub has its own touchscreen panel which is what most people think of when they are thinking of a security system, but I personally no longer recommend that line since it appears that the individual components are no longer being manufactured and I am concerned about longevity.


We should also note that as far as futureproofing goes, none of these options will be able to disarm the SmartThings home monitor which is in the new V3 app. And they’ve already told us that the V2 classic app will be going away eventually, they just haven’t said when. So that’s something else to be aware of.

SmartThings told me because it’s a security risk.
I was thinking about buying a second-hand alarm panel with touch screen capability.
I have looked into the dashboard options but they never really worked out for me.
Unless there’s a simple way to set one of those up. Most of them that are free take too much work.

@JDRoberts info is spot on. And you will find MANY ActionTiles users in this community. I have several Amazon Fire touch screens in my house using ActionTiles that are also integrated with my Echo Dots. They were moderately easy to set up. And the ActionTiles forum is full of useful/helpful information that makes it easy. Lots of people also use DAKboard. I also have Konnected integrated into those touch screens for my alarm system.


As others have said, ActionTiles will do what you want. Plus. I’m not a techie (more hardware than software) and had little difficulty setting it up. Support is tremendous. You can pick up a Fire HD 8 for less than $70.00 and use their Silk browser for ActionTiles . Make sure you are getting the one without special offers (ADS!)


Another vote for Amazon Fire HD8 with ActionTiles running Fully Kiosk and DAKboard.

Pay Amazon to remove ads and pay for the premium version of Fully. I have them all over the place and works great!


The functionality and API for new STHM is not set in stone. ActionTiles is in active discussions with SmartThings to emphasize the importance of ongoing functionality (at least for arm & disarm). We are optimistic and will continue to advocate for our mutual Customers.


I just purchase a Vivint SKY MASTER CONTROL PANEL V-MP2-345. Will that work with SmartThings to at least this arm in arm the system. I think I might have action pouch working. is there an Android app for it?
The only thing I would like to have also it’s something easier than big talker.

Unfortunately, no. As I told you in my first post in this thread, there are no third-party security panel touchscreens that can be added directly to smartthings. What are you expecting to get from these devices that you would not get from ActionTiles running on an inexpensive tablet?

(There are a few situations where if you have an active account on another security system, you can create some integration via IFTTT or some other methods, but that’s not what you seem to be looking for because that would require paying the other company for an account. It’s not adding to their device to your SmartThings hub.)

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Take a look at SharpTools.io web dashboard - we have a free tier which includes up to 15 tiles on a single dashboard. You’ll also get a free 14 day trial of our Premium option which gives you unlimited dashboards with unlimited tiles.

We frequently hear feedback from users on just how easy it is to setup a SharpTools dashboard!

To JD’s point, SmartApps can view and control the Smart Home Monitor associated with the SmartThings Classic app, but don’t have access to SmartThings Home Monitor associated with the Samsung SmartThings app yet.


I was looking at the ADT SmartThings hub.
I like the fact that it’s already pre-set up and ready to go.
I don’t think a tablet option would be the best for me.
I looked into this and was reading that is as long as it’s connected by seaweed as a second hub that it would work.
What I’m looking for something with a touch screen that was physically control lights sensors and activating and deactivate the siren.

You can easily get all of that with ActionTiles and a touchscreen pad. You can now integrate most if not all of the “Things” from your Smartthings account into ActionTiles and control them from your pad.


Is there another way to do this with a totally free.
Smart app that does not cost anything at all and that is totally easy to set up.
My concern is using a tablet someone can just rip it off the wall and steal it easier than they can an alarm panel. How would I go about wiring power to it?

A tablet need not be easier to steal than an alarm panel if you secure it (there are highly secure frames available, but most people don’t bother). I don’t know what burglars aim to steal, but I doubt many want to mess with the alarm panel.

Power solutions:

  • Run a USB cable outside the wall to any nearby outlet. A bit ugly, but easiest.
  • Run a USB cable inside the wall and then out again to the outlet. Not 100% sure about code compliance, but this is the exact solution design used by “legitimate” tablet based smart home manufacturer.
  • Install a 120v “recessed outlet” behind the tablet that either has USB sockets or is sufficiently deep to hold a USB adaptor. This is the most common DIY “clean” option.
  • Use PoE (Power over Ethernet) with appropriate adaptors. This is a great option if your home is wired with a lot of Ethernet runs already.

A popular frame maker for Fire HD tablet frames, etc., offers inline/low profile power adapters that help open your options.


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I am investigating using Konnected to replace my old alarm board. I plan to replace my old alarm keyboards with tablets. It sounds like ActionTiles is popular way to arm and disarm Konnected. I don’t understand how this works. Is there a tile to arm and another to disarm Konnected? What prevents intruder from simply pressing disarm tile. Or is there a keypad tile to enter alarm code? Or is there a separate keypad in addition to the tablet?

I also see that ActionTiles must migrate to new SmartThings platform since Groovy language is no longer supported. Are there any options besides ActionTiles which can run on Android tablet and do not rely on Groovy?

SharpTools runs on Android and has already converted over to the new ST architecture.

SharpTools has both a dashboard and a rules engine for advanced automations.

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