Using Contact and Motion Sensors to Trigger Alexa Routines (DTH in post 97) (Official Amazon Feature)

Ugh, that stinks. Guess I’ll have something to keep me busy this weekend…lol.

Thanks for the suggestion @JDRoberts and for sharing your setup @Automated_House

I have also been using the standard Simulated Contact Sensor DTH with no modification. Given I can see the states changes of my Simulated Contact Sensor correctly in the Device Detail screen on the Alexa App, I am assuming it must be an issue on the Amazon side. The Alexa App allows me to create a routine that is triggered by the Simulated Contact Sensor and it accurately captures the state change of the Simulated Contact Sensor, but for some reason the Routine does not execute.

I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions.

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I only spent a minute on it but seemed like I had an issue with simulated contact and switched it to a simulated motion and it worked. Haven’t had time to revisit yet

Nothing working for me either. Simulated Contact or Motion does not trigger Alexa routine to run.

Have you disabled and re-enabled the Smartthings skill?


Thanks @jjslegacy. Like @ravend, I had tried both contact and motion and neither was working.

Kudos and big thanks to @ErnieG! I disabled and re-enabled the Smarthings skill in the Alexa App and all of my test Simulated Contact and Motion Sensors are now working.

Thanks to all who replied!


Great news. Did disabling and enabling the skill delete any of your existing routines? I have over 30!

My one routine is still there after disabling/re-enabling.

I like that we can use routines to make custom announcements, the next thing to figure out is how to make random announcements… something other than making multiple routines for each random announcement.

If you don’t mind a slight delay, you can daisychain this.

Have the primary echo routine turn on a virtual switch.

Have the virtual switch trigger a web core piston to randomly select a virtual contact sensor to turn on.

Have an echo routine for each of those contact sensors with a different phrase for each one.

You could also probably just do the whole thing in webcore to start with, Ending up with the random virtual contact sensor to open. :sunglasses:

That’s the easy part :slight_smile:

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Nope… It looks like all my Routines were still there including the ones triggered by sensors. I too have a long list, so I have not had a chance to verify them all, but I think you are safe.

I had to do the same thing after migrating to the Samsung Account and I did not lose any of my Routines then either.

In the Alexa App when you create a Routine and select an Alexa Says Action, you can then select Phrases and there is a selection of categories. In many, if not all, of the categories there is a “Say a random phrase” option. I have not played with it much, but it may or may not cover what you are looking for in terms of random.

Since you can add multiple Alexa Says Actions to a Routine you might be able to get clever by combining a Random phrase with a fixed Custom response.

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I can’t find a place to add a Phrases category where she can pick random phrases from. I will have to play with the app some more.

I attempted to highlight in screen shots…

Yep, got that, I want to make my own category in the spot where Confirmations, Good Bye, etc are so I can make random phrases within in.

Yeah, I don’t think that is an option. That would be a great feature for them to add and should be pretty easy to do.

Yes, Amazon should fix this.

Here is my current first-world problem.

In my bedroom I have an Ecobee temperature sensor and Iris motion sensor. Until Alexa added sensors to her bag of tricks, I could just ask: “Alexa, what is the temperature in the bedroom?”. Alexa would respond with the temperature from the Ecobee sensor. Now that Alexa knows about the Iris sensor, she responds: “There is more than one thermostat in the bedroom. Please ask again with the name of the thermostat.”.

Any suggestions?

My sensors with temp aren’t showing temps with Alexa?? Any help appreciated

The temps aren’t showing up in the Alexa app; but if you ask Alexa for the temperature of the sensor, she will respond.