Using chomecast audio with ST

Here is how I am now using my Chromecast audio with ST. I have it connected to my Sonos connect AMP. That Amp is running my whole house audio speakers. So I can use the Sonos smartapps and I get the best of both. Chormecast audio to stream my music and ST. It is not the best solution as direct integration with Chromecast would be better but it works well for me.

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I was just thinking the other day about starting a topic on the Chromecast audio and how ST or even a developer could integrate it with ST audio notifications. With the very cheap price of the Chromecast audio it could be a great audio solution.


@mattjfrank, I have a Chromecast audio at home connected to the aux input of an Altec Lansing bluetooth tabletop speaker. I’d LOVE to get it integrated, but I’m uncomfortable with starting a thread for developers without any development experience myself.

I wouldn’t know what to put in it other than “DO WANT. PLEASE HALP!” lol

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