Using Centralite 3400 Keypad with Smart Home Monitoring

I have read the various existing threads for this topic but I am still unable to get the keypad to work with SHM. Would appreciate any help anyone could give.

I’m a new ST user but have used the wiki to install a device handler ( mitchpond: Centralite keypad) and a Smartapp (ethayer: user lock manager). The keypad is paired to the ST hub, is recognized in the ULM app and I’m able to enter a code to arm/disarm the device itself. Problem is it does not communicate with the SHM app at all. SHM does recognize the keypad as “Xfinity 3400-X Keypad” under sensors as a motion detector.

I am simply trying to use the keypad to be able to arm/disarm SHM at the least. I would also like to know if it is possible for it to be used as a siren/door chime since it does have sound.

I have seen the rboy apps for this keypad as well but hesitate to purchase access in case I have the same issues. Anyone using these currently and it integrates well with SHM?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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More details please… are you using the Classic app or the new app? Only reason I ask is Smart Home Monitor (SHM) is a Classic app and SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) is in the new app. They are two completely separate apps and what happens in one is not reflected in the other. Ethayers app would only work with the Classic app with SHM.

Tagging @rboy so he can provide you more details on his apps :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for the response,

I’m using the new app- so STHM then? I do have the classic app but have been using the Ethayer app in the new ST app. It looked like it was working but I’ll try another device handler. Thank you!

You can use the Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler along with LUM to create codes and custom actions.
LUM works the new ST and the classic ST apps; it can arm/disarm SHM directly and arm/disarm STHM via an automation rule, see the LUM/Keypad DTH topics for details on how to control STHM using LUM/keypads.
One common mistake of users who are switching, when using the enhanced zigbee dth/LUM other dth’s/apps should be uninstalled to avoid any compatibility issues/conflicts. These apps/dth’s are kept up to date with the latest ST specifications/standards.

Ok, thanks so much for the information and the help.

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The Rboy app requires a $39 membership fee to get the app. That is more than the keyboard costs. Did you find another solution?

No, I didn’t unfortunately. I ended up just not using the keypad anymore.

Just remember that the membership gives you access to all @rboy Smartapps and device handlers

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