Using Bed shaker with Honeywell Vista Alarm and Kidde smoke detector sounds

I am new to all this but I’ll try to be brief. I wear 2 cochlear implants so I am deaf when I sleep. I have a Honeywell Vista 20P intrusion only alarm system with Wave2 siren (no fire detection components) and 3 interconnected Kidde smoke/CO detectors. In the event wife (hears great) were out of town, I need to find a way to be alerted from sleep if EITHER alarm system is triggered OR smoke detector goes off. I have ffound systems that would activate a bed shaker if smoke detector triggers as it emits T3 tone but alarm system is a constant siren tone NOT T3. Any ideas on how to make a bed shaker respond to either alarm siren and smoke detectors. BTW, I have card in alarm system that sends me texts and emails if alarm is triggered. Delay is only a few seconds. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

It should certainly be doable. SmartThings ™ itself is not reliable enough for life and death applications like smoke alerts, but you could use some of the ideas in the following thread, just choose a more reliable platform.

Products for Deaf

On the other hand, since that thread was created there are now some simpler solutions on the market.

As you mentioned, there are already several bedshaker products on the market that can respond to a UL listed smoke alarm. One of those would probably be safest.

With regard to the alerts from the security system, I think I myself would be most likely to sleep wearing a smart watch that could vibrate when the text/email was received from the security system. That would be a very easy, very reliable solution.

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Thanks so much. I am looking to see if my Honeywell alarm system can be made to produce the T3 tone out of my std. Wave2 siren but the siren operates off a straight 12 v signal from the main alarm panel. I think the only way to produce a T3 signal from the alarm system is to have a smoke detector wired into the alarm system which would be redundant. I’m wondering if there is some creative way electronically to build a device that sounds that T3 tone repeatedly when it sees a 12v dc signal. I’m going to stop by an electronics store and ask them. Watch might be an option but don’t know if the watch vibration would be enough to wake me. Many thanks for your suggestions

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In the US, that tone is legally limited to smoke alarms. But you might be able to wire an inexpensive smoke alarm to go into test mode, which makes the same tone. That’s a clever idea and worth looking into. Let us know what you find out. :sunglasses:

Do you already have the bed shaker? I’m assuming you already have your alarm integrated with ST?

If so, can you just plug it into a smart plug.

If you don’t have a shaker, I use bass shakers (tactile transducers) for my gaming setup and my home theater. These devices shake the entire structure they are a fixed to. They simply accept an audio signal and shakes according to the frequency.

Saying that, I have a convoluted DIY solution but would most definitely work!

Get a smart plug, an old analog tape deck, a shaker, and an amp and have the play button engaged. Record some low frequency stuff on the tape and when the smart plug comes on, the bed shakes.

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i don’t yet have a bed shaker or any of the systems (Home Aware, Sonic Alert, Lifetone, etc. )that listen for the T3 tone from our smoke alarms and would activate a bed shaker. If I assume that it is more likely that I would experience a fire event rather than a home intrusion; I guess I just need to decide on the best system that listens for the T3 tone and then would activate the unit by my bed. I would want that unit to consist of a bed shaker, strobe AND 520 Hz square wave signal). For now I may just forego trying to get the alarm system to activate the bed shaker and other alert devices. Do people on this forum tend to prefer a particular one of the systems I listed above or another I didn’t mention?

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