Using an iPhone to detect presence?

It seems like that feature is there in ST. But it doesn’t work for me. First of all the name of my iPhone appears three times and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to delete the extra two. And second when I ask ST to notify me when I am absent (as a test) nothing happens. Tips?

Try using an incognito/private tab in your browser and login to IDE at and deleting them in the Devices section.

And read this thread:

If you are unable to remove the presence sensors, contact ST support at

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Which app are you using? There’s been a number of reports of problems with presence in the new STSC app. :disappointed_relieved:

I have a similar problem with my iPhoneXR. While I am home, ST will register that the phone has left and then arrived 1 minute later. Any event I have programmed for arrival then gets triggered. XR is new (about 1 month) Did not have this with my iPhone 6. I currently have SmatThings ap v2.17.1 (1442) on the phone.

I have the iPhone XR and presence is working fine on it.