Using Alexa to control smart cam streaming on a TV

Greetings everyone. I’ve been looking around for a way to use my Echo to pull up a video stream on my Samsung smart TV and I can’t seem to make any headway. If I can use Alexa + ST + Harmony to turn on my TV, is there a way to then tell Alexa to pull up the video source from one (or multiple) of my cameras. I don’t have any cameras currently, so I’d be interested in hearing about anything that works. I’d love to be able to pull up the camera watching my backyard while my kids are in the pool and I’m in the kitchen. I understand I can just stream to my phone, but I’d really like to get this to work on my TV.

If your dvr is connected to the tv, isn’t it just as simple as setting it up to switch to that video input? If it understands turn on tv (which means powering up certain devices and switching to certain inputs), it would seem that all you are asking it to do is run a different routine on the harmony like Show Cameras that would switch to the promoter input on the back of your tv.

I have an old Harmony (per hub) that I use for a few commands - one does just that , changes to AV1 where I have a backyard camera.

When I need to view it’s that 1 key - to revert back - 1 key to HDMI.

I see no reason a Harmony hub could not do it - hope so as I intend to replace the aging remote with a hub.