"User does not have any hubs"

Hi, I am trying to install edge drivers so I can get the double press functionality out of my GE Switches. Unfortunately when I click the Direct Invitation Link to install the channel, I am shown “User does not have any hubs” under “My Hubs” in the SmarThings Channels and Drivers Web UI.
How do I make it so that my Hub is listed so that I can install edge drivers?

Which hub do you have and what is the firmware on it?

are you referring to the Legacy ST Groovy IDE?

if yes, go to My Location and tap on the name of your Location, then check to see if your hub is listed under My Hubs.
if not what you were referring to - can you post a screen shot because I am not familiar with the UI you may be referring to.

If it is the legacy ST Groovy IDE, you do not want to use it for anything related to Edge. Check out the following community developed tool: API Browser+

I have a Smartthings V2 hub running firmware version: 000.047.00011

Here’s a screenshot of the ‘User does not have any hubs’ message I am getting

I haven’t seen that posted before so I doubt I will have the answer. Hopefully other community members will be able to assist. My only suggestion is to reboot the hub and see if can install the driver.

What does the app on your phone show? Does it show the hub?