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Use XBee Series 2 with Smartthings

(Marcio) #1


I saw some topics here about the XBee but I didn’t found anyone that show how can I connect the XBee with the Smarthings. Anyone know any material about this subject that can help?

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(John Rucker) #2

This post is based on an xBee driven by a Propeller.

(George) #3

This is probably a bit late for this thread but just as an example I’ve written up a description of how to use an Xbee with a ST hub.

I don’t bother with the PRO model. Its not necessary.
I hope it is of some use to somebody.

Link to my writeup.

Excuse the website layout. I never intended it to be an electronics blog.

(Andy Rawson) #4

Thanks for posting this, I have a couple of Xbee Series 2 modules that I was just thinking I should figure out how to make work with SmartThings so this will help a lot.


@Falcogeorge Sorry to bump an old conversation, but I have referenced your write-up linked here several times in the past couple years when I make a new project. Unfortunately, this time around, I found the link was gone. Would you be willing to provide an updated link if it still exists somewhere? If it doesn’t, would you mind sending it to me?


(George) #7

Hi again,
I’ve got my post back.
Here is a link that will work until I move my site to a new host.