Use Smart Lock Guest Access to trigger routine?

Hello. I have a few codes set up in my Smart Lock Guest Access in the SmartThings app. I get a notification on my phone when one of these codes are used that shows the name I gave the code (ie; Bob has unlocked the door). I want to use these codes to trigger routines or automations within my house. So when Bob unlocks the door, certain things happen, when Jane unlocks the door different things can happen. This will also let me use my Alexa to greet the person by name. I have looked everywhere I can think of as to how to use these codes to trigger routines but I cannot find it. Is this not possible (I would be greatly surprised if it wasn’t) or an I missing something obvious with it?

You can’t do it with Routines. I believe it can be done with SharpTools Rules Engine but I am not sure so I will tag and hopefully the developer can answer if it is possible.

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Yes, as long as the device exposes that information during the unlock event, you can use it in a SharpTools rule.

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Thank you for the reply. I am at work and will look at SharpTools when I get home. It looks like it works with Home Assistant too, so that’s cool. So, in theory, the data will go from the lock, to SmartThings, to SharpTools and then into Home Assistant?

Yes, you can pick and choose what platforms you connect into SharpTools and can build dashboards and rules based on those sources (SmartThings, Home Assistant, and Hubitat).

You could setup a rule to have an event in SmartThings trigger an action in Home Assistant if you want. It’s like a blank canvas where you can choose what dashboards and rules you setup.

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Cool, thanks I will look into it tonight.

So I was looking through this… Does this require the use of the Context Variables? If so, it looks like that is a Premium feature, is that correct?