Change security status via door lock?

You can have the ‘I’m back’ routine trigger based off a lot of things, but NOT have it happen when the front door is unlocked by a valid user.

Is this something built in that I’m missing, or do I need to find a particular smart app that can do it?


Nevermind - I found it digging through the settings of the smart lock app. Lack of descriptive text on fields can be a pain.


I used the door lock code as a trigger at one time. My issue in my system was you would unlock door, open it , thus opening door contact before smarthings would change the house mode or turn off SUM.

Just an FYI from my experiences

My initial ‘edit’ remark was about having found a global ‘all valid codes run XYZ routine’ which can be ‘I’m back’ and that disarms the security status as the door unlocks. But this means we can’t ARM it without having a phone after we close the door.

What we ended up doing was making a generic code - 0000 - that triggers a goodbye. This unlocks the door, but the keypad ‘action’ field is the ‘goodbye’ routine, which then locks the door and arms the system.

It’s a little clunky but it works. Leave, close the door and punch the top ‘lock’ button, then hit ‘0000’ and it unlocks then locks again and arms the house.

This allows us to let our friend house sit for us and both disarm upon entry and re-arm upon leaving all without having direct access to the smartthings interface.

I would not recommend a code like 0000. Since the door unlocks, even if only for a few seconds, someone would have access to your home. What kind of lock do you have? Most locks have an option to allow you to use a code to lock or unlock. Having your guest use the same code to lock may be a safer option.

Fair point - I hadn’t considered that. It’s a kwikset 913. If I could trigger a response off of just pushing the button at the top of the keypad that locks the door immediately, that would be awesome. Entering the same code a second time (IE once to open, once to lock) doesn’t do anything.

Might I suggest you look into @RBoy lock management software.

I use this with my Schlage lock. You can have specific actions occur depending on each user code or all users.

Also actions can occur when someone presses the external lock button.

Plus probably more.


You might be able to do this with @RBoy’s handler (I’m assuming your lock is Z-Wave). I don’t think @ethayer’s SmartApp has that ability yet to determine if the lock was locked manually.


Jinx. Same answer same time.

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I had actually looked at that one, but paying $35 was a bit of a turnoff.

I’ll change the ‘set alarm’ keycode I guess so it’s not just a simple 0000 and just run with that. Thanks for the feedback everyone :]